Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hamster Box ReDo

Hello Lovely Blog Readers!!

So I don't know about you but I can't get away from Pinterest.  If you're not familiar you should take a look.  It's like the inspiration board in my room, except on my computer, and for every thing in your life.  Food? Done. Home Decor? Done. Favorite Places? Done. Fashion? Of course. It's heaven and will suck you in for HOURS so beware.

Anyway while rummaging through pictures on Pinterest {duh} I couldn't stop thinking of ways to redo my hamster box.  Here are some things I am thinking.... {not to mention trying to find a different way to have my furniture which doesn't seem will happen...}.

I have a blue chair this shape in my room.  I have been throwing around the idea of recovering it but I can't decide on a fabric.  This might have to be it! I have been looking at this print in a navy/white combo but I think that's too much considering I have pink print pillows on my bed and different colors everywhere.  I think this would be nice and soothing!

I have this brown coffee table in my living room {side note: aside from the side tables EVERY actual piece of furniture in my apartment is a hand me down... score yes... random of course}. I couldn't decide what color to paint it but I love the idea of putting wall paper on the top and then put a glass top on it.  Again this brings up the problem... what print?! Something simple...

This is REALLY REALLY weird... {my mom can testify to what I'm about to say... and sisters. If anyone has figured out how to comment this might be the time...}. I LITERALLY have these dressers in my bedroom.  Well I have one that is long and one that is tall but they are the same thing as the ones above.  I found this picture on a different blog and have no idea which one now... which is annoying.  My dresser is white, with royal blue drawers, but same handle and same trim as the abover one.  They are close to 40 years old, they were literally in my sisters bedroom when my mom brought her home from the hospital {right?}. ANYWAY, again I couldn't decide what color to paint them... then I found this... DUH!! Dark navy with the gold accents is gorgeous and would go perfectly in my room.

Stay tuned for a DIY post on apartment changes!! {I mean don't hold your breath or anything... really...}.


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