Monday, October 17, 2011

Navajo Obsessed

I never thought this would be a bandwagon I'd jump on... but I'm on it. 

I am literally having a panic attack over this skirt.  I NEED IT. I would most likely wear it every day.  I found this little nugget on Pinterest unfortunately so I don't know where it came from... one of the only annoying things about the time sucking website.

If I had this dress I would be a flapper for Halloween. Again... Pinterest...

I know this might be a loose interpretation but this might be as close to I get.  This one is from Forever 21, which means it's cheap but you only get to wear it twice before it unravels all over the floor.

These little cuties are from Urban Outfitters. Knit shorts with tights and flat boots is an easy weekend outfit.


Sorry if this was brief... I am watching Gossip Girl which usually grabs most of my attention...

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