Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Week Begins!

My birthday is on Friday of this week (YAHOO!). I am going to admit, I'm one of those extremely annoying people who LOVES my birthday no matter how old I get.  I don't require gifts, just the acknowledgement of my birthday {seriously}.  I credit my parents... even though we didn't really have big bday party's my parents always made sure to make us feel special ALL week long.  This now includes self-made birthday cards sent everyday of the week with pictures of young Molly.

So, tonight Southern Boy and I are going to our favorite Sushi place Sushi Zushi for a birthday dinner! I am going out of town Friday morning {NYC here I come!! Courtesy of Southern Boy... my bday present!} so we are celebrating early.  Here are some ideas for tonights outfit...

I have a teal Hunter Dixon silk shirt dress that I was thinking I could wear with my strappy pink heels to get the easy color block look.

I'm loving the shorts with a cardigan or blazer look lately.  I love the idea of putting it with a ruffle front top to make it sweet and preppy!

I love this outfit too.  I wish Dallas would cool down faster... this would probably be to hot for tonight but I love a good blazer with jeans!

Hmmm...  I wonder what I will wear??


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  1. Happy Early birthday! i totally understand about the birthday... im the same way... mine is the 15th and im ready to party