Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faux Lashes

So, I have been really horrible about pictures lately.  Everytime I do something I warn everyone "I will take a lot of pictures tonight".  Do you know the last time that actually happened? It hasn't.... for months.  Probably when I was in Kansas City a couple of months ago.  Anyway, so Fashion's Night Out {no exception... took 0 pictures} my friend Jana and I ventured out around Highland Park Village in Dallas.  We started at Scoop where they offered us free faux eyelashes.  I usually feel like I look like a hooker or a 10 year old playing dress up with faux lashes so I was skeptical but free? That's the magic word in my book.... so yes, please, stranger put your fingers near my eyes and put faux lashes on me!  So the lady said that they would dry and we wouldn't even feel them like 5 minutes later... well let me tell you that was a flat out lie.  I felt like I had a feather sticking from my eye... so of course I felt they looked ridiculous but didn't really have  a mirror to look in so just trusted my also faux lash clad friend to tell me that I looked normal.  We finished up at HPV and went to dinner, finally around 11:00pm I went to say hello to Southern Boy who had just gotten back into town from a work trip.  He almost immediately said "Your eyes look so pretty!" So needless to say... I was sold. I made sure to ask if he was really just pointing out that something was different but in a sweet way... nope he liked the eyelashes so much he offered to buy me as many pairs as I wanted so I would wear them more often! {in a sweet way... not a "finally you figured out your eye makeup" sort of way}.  Long story short... I did finally get used to these the 2nd wear {the designers who donned us with them told us you can wear 1 set up to like 6 times or something insane!}.  After the 2nd time I felt more natural in them and am planning on stocking up with them because they were ridiculously easy to put on myself!

So the brand is literally Faux {original I know... almost as original as naming your blog Pretty in Pink...}. We had the chance as I mentioned to meet the designers of the lashes and they were ADORABLE!  Right now you can only get them online here.  They have a million different kinds.... costume, normal, designer.  The ones below are the ones that we received... and they are only $9 which seems high but if you can wear them like 6 times then that seems fair to me.



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