Sunday, August 5, 2012

Travel :: Packing for a Week

As I mentioned in my last post I am in New York today for a few days for Market.  After this we go straight to Atlanta for the next one, then right back to Dallas for ours, followed by leaving the night of our last market day to go to Las Vegas for the last one in August. Phew... if that doesn't make you tired just reading it then I don't know who you are. My next day off {besides the pseudo one yesterday...} is August 25th so if I have a few blonde moments {on the blog and in real life} please excuse me. 

My tips for packing consist of; 1. laying everything out on your bed or floor so you can see that you have all your bases covered. 2. Listen to music so it's fun and you don't rush! Rushing is always my biggest packing mistake. Let's be honest. I'm not a good packer. I can make 13 outfits fit into a small suitcase but there's no guarantee there will be 13 outfits that make sense in there... It's always a gamble.

The one thing I've learned is to pack nude/neutral/black shoes.  Probably too many pairs of them but they basically go with anything in my suitcase just in case. {In my book snake print wedges are neutral... }

Yes I did get it all to fit. {minus 1 pair of shoes that got the last minute boot due to a strap looking like it wasn't going to last much longer}.  I do know I am wearing that bright pink dress tomorrow, and then probably again in Atlanta so no one knows I wore it twice in one week, and CAN NOT wait to put it on.

I will let you know next Sunday if packing was a success or a failure, right now the verdict is still up in the air but at least I have plenty of color and neutral shoes to choose from...


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