Thursday, March 15, 2012

What I Wore :: Neon Pink Jeans

I know you've seen the neon/colorful denim for Spring.  If you haven't may I ask where you've been hiding? Under a rock perhaps? If you aren't under that rock I bet you've been wondering how you're supposed to wear those bright jeans.  Well it's not as hard as you think.  Wear them with the same things you wear your other denim with but make sure that the colors don't clash.  Really isn't that the key to any outfit? Proportions and making sure the colors don't clash.  Master that and you've mastered fashion.

See how I wore my new 7 For All Mankind neon pink crop skinnies below.

Now my sweet blogger friends.  I am new at this taking pictures of myself thing.  A. the photographer used his iPhone and is about 2 feet taller than me {which is why it looks like it's from a slightly weird angle... although I think he did a masterful job don't you? Thanks SB!}. B. I am SO uncomfortable in front of a camera it's ridiculous.  Especially in a picture by myself! Oh... yeah it's uncomfortable.  So anyway get passed that and let's focus on the important thing.  The outfit!  You can get the same jeans here.  I love this color, it is neon pink but depending on the light and what you pair them with they look red too, I think of it as a 2 for one.  Throw on a t-shirt {this one is from Forever 21}, a blazer {mine is from Anthropologie} and my favorite part is the turquoise necklace {this one is from Banana Republic}.  I think bringing in a bright accessory on the other side of the color spectrum is the perfect way to balance it out.  Not so brave? Wear your bright jeans with a white top {button down or t-shirt} and you're set! 

Stay tuned for the next What I Wore with neon blue jeans wore in the monotone way that is also popular for Spring!


P.S. Don't you love March Madness?  Go Cats!

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