Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dreaming of... New Work Tote.

I have been dreaming of a new work tote... yes these are the things that occupy my dreams.  It's market time so I am immersed with seeing buyers come in with work totes all day long.  I recently saw this bag on Pinterest but the one pictured is a Celine bag out of my price point.  

An adorable buyer came in and had a complete twin of this bag so I immediately ran over to question it's origin.  I was so happy to hear it was Neiman Marcus's own brand.  I just looked it up online and I am even happier to report it is actually at Neiman Marcus Last Call and only $75!! I assumed at least $150... nope.

Look at all of the colors you can choose from too...

Even the last little cutie that is longer.  I honestly can't decide what color.  My initial reaction is pink or navy but I think I may go yellow or orange.  Thoughts???


 P.S. Pop over to Mockingbird Station's blog today and check out my Station Insider post on pool/vacation pieces, all that can be found at Mockingbird Station stores!


  1. love this! i pinned it earlier this week and really need one. i personally would go with navy or orange. but i don't have a fashion blog like you, so please don't take my advice. :)

  2. Cute! The navy is classic, but the yellow is fun!