Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fashion's Night Out!!!

Get ready folks!!! Thursday is another Fashion's Night Out for all you fashionistas out there... {or just someone who is ready for a really good party}.  For those of you unaware Fashion's Night Out was started by Vogue genius Anna Wintour in 2009 to jump start the economy.  It's an after hours event for which the proceeds go to charitable causes and just a general get people shopping again logic.  My goal is to be in NY next year for the big event.  However, it has spread across the country and world with 27 cities in the US and 15 cities across the world.  This is only registered events as I can only imagine most of the parties are not actually registered through FNO.  You can get your very own TShirt at Nieman Marcus or Neimans online. {better hurry... it's tomorrow!}.

Anna Wintour

Anyway, I am venturing out with my friend Jana {you remember, Gameday Cloth owner}, and we are still in talks about what we are going to do for the big night. Here are the options so far if you are in Dallas. {Kansas City friends, you better be going to the Plaza! I hear that's where the party is happening.}.

Highland Park Village is hosting 2 fashion shows styled by Jan Strimple who is the Dallas Fashion Show lady {that's what I call her anyway...}.  One at 7pm and one at 9pm, both with different designers so be sure to stick around!  She is not only styling these but also the fashion shows at the Galleria... busy lady.  All of the shops around will also have their own special cocktails, sales, hors d'oeuvres, and special guests.

As I said the Galleria is hosting the longest runway in Texas {or was it the country? I don't know why Texas feels like the longest/biggest makes it anything special..... that is an annoying Texas habit I will never understand}.  Anyway, they also have the Dallas group founded by Heidi Dillon the Fashionista's lounge party. I believe it starts out as private {which actually technically means it is NOT FNO registered} and then becomes public at one point. 

FNO TShirt available at Nieman Marcus

Next is Northpark.  Neiman Marcus at NP is hosting a blogger event with 3 of the most popular bloggers in the city.  Again, stores all over will be hosting their very own parties so venture out and see what everyone is offering!!

I personally feel that the weather has been so amazing I am leaning toward Highland Park Village... plus there isn't a better place to shop in Dallas if you have the money than HPV {if only there was a JCrew it would literally be heaven...}.

Go get your fashion on!! Put on a ridiculous dress you'd probably never wear, or silk bright pants {possibly what I plan on wearing...} and go mingle with the fashionista's around your town!  I would love to know what you all are doing tomorrow night!! I will be sure to take lots of pictures of Jana and I's happenings to share with you :)


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