Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Issues :: Part II

Hola fashion senoritas! I told you I was going to take over with posts this week to make up for last week! That might mean 2 a days... yikes... yep 2 a days.

So here we are {2 weeks later? oops...} to the September Issues Second Edition.  This will be lengthy so lets just get started.... you know what we are doing here.

Marie Claire

One of Marie Claire's {thank you Nina Garcia} first big trends is sequins and paillettes galore!! From the cutest cardigans {Malene Birger at the Wardrobe}, dresses {Prada}, and cute clutches {Fendi}.  The trick to the trend is knowing what to pair it with.  If you do a great sequined tank for day, pair it with a great pair of simple trousers and a soft cardigan. 

Southwestern influences are all over the pages of Marie Claire {and the runways!}.  Isabel Marant had strong influences as well as Derek Lam.  An easy way to get away with this and not looking like a costume is to add jewelry with arrows on it.  Also, an easy tan bag such as the basic Mulberry style are perfect and incredibly classic. 

One of the BIGGEST trends for fall is COLOR!!  Usually for fall you see the usual tans, blacks, winter whites, etc, this season is the exception!  Pops of berry colors, cobalt's, emerald, and violet. This is not just an accessory trend, this is pants, tops, jackets, anything you can get your hands on that is a bright pop of color with instantly bring you into fall.


The first main thing that InStyle shoots out to is bright colored pants.  Yep folks, bright colored pants! I jumped on this trend about 8 months ago, grabbing any kind I could find.  People said I was nuts... but I will now be wearing my cobalt and violet colored pants paired with heels and a blazer PROUDLY {not that I wouldn't have before...}. A great inexpensive pair is from Asos.com for $80.  You can also get some from Magaschoni and 3.1 Phillip Lim if you want a pricier version.

Another big trend they talk about is the 50's - 60's ladylike "buttoned up" trend shown by Bottega Veneta on the runway.  This goes along with the tie blouse that you can literally get ANYWHERE this fall.  Loft by Ann Taylor as a great version for $50. Tweed blazers/jackets also work well with this trend.  It's so classic and easy anyone of any age can really get behind this. 

They go on to talk about how to do color for fall.  Denim in bright colors is still really relevant so don't store the ones you already bought for Spring/Summer. Faux fur is another trend, well fur is a trend but for most of us that translate to faux.  There are so many options that look/feel real and are really affordable!  Chunky knits are another trend that has been almost everywhere!  For a more fashion forward look pair it with a floral wispy maxi skirt, or if you're more tailored pair it with a great pair of khaki's.

I like InStyle because they put together really good outfits that you can copy/edit to your own liking.  I of course die over Vogue every month but for anyone who has trouble translating the runway to real life this is the magazine you should be picking up every month.  They also show you affordable alternatives, not just the high end designers so they rest of us can afford them. 

Ok... {if you got this far!} I am off to watch the season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project!!! Oh and then do my fantasy football draft {yep you heard right....} with a group of my girl friends... this should get interesting...


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