Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beats to Jam to :: Sauce

I went to the G. Love & the Special Sauce concert Thursday night at the Granada Theater in Dallas.  He's always been one of my favorites. I have a picture with him from a couple summers back when he opened for Jack Johnson but... alas I have no clue where it went. Anyway, the concert, as all of his are, was amazing! If you ever get the chance he puts on a great show that is seriously fun for the whole crowd whether you've heard of him or not.  

So, I went with someone who I know but not extremely well.  While at the concert I realized that I have very strong opinions about things. Some of you who know me well are probably laughing or rolling your eyes but I don't know if it was the music or getting smells of a certain something every once in a while but the whole experience proved to be an enlightening one for me.

So I know what I like, and I know what I don't like. If I say "I don't care" it's because I honestly don't care, and when I don't care it's going to be really hard to get me to make the decision.  I can't even pinpoint what I have strong opinions about but every once in a while a conversation would come up that I didn't even realize I felt so strongly about.

In an email chain about that baby that gets woken up by his "favorite song" I didn't realize my response was so strong. My friend wrote back "I didn't realize you had so much hostility toward Gangnam style Molly..". I knew I hated that song but you're right... hostility is probably the right word.  Who has hostility toward a song? Someone with very strong opinions about very weird things.

So, yes this is the most random post you may ever read but I leave you with G. Love & the Special Sauce live... tell me you don't want to see him!

If you can't handle the 10 minute video I understand.  I have to admit his performance of this song was 10 times more energetic and fun Thursday night.  Either way you have to admit he's insanely talented {and insanely attractive... am I alone there?}.  Swear and Shake opened for him and are now also on my Spotify so check them out too.

While the rest of Dallas grills outside with country playing, G. Love is my go to for summer outdoor drinking activities. I have several other concerts lined up for this Spring so check back for some more enlightening experiences....


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