Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day... Or Independence Day?

Well the day is upon us. Tomorrow is the day that single people hate and people in relationships love.  I made the mistake of saying "I hate Valentine's Day" this weekend. It's partly true. I do hate it, of course I hate it. I'm single and don't plan on a boy sending me flowers or anything else tomorrow. That's why girls hate Valentine's Day, because they've been let down by it over and over again.  

I hope to one day not be terrified of tomorrow.  Terrified to already be aware that I may cry at something really dumb, or get unnecessarily mad at the girl next to me who will inevitably get at least 3 sets of flowers.  Someday I will love Valentine's Day, just not this year.

Instead this is what I plan to print out and put on my desk as a reminder all day...

So, I give you this post not to depress you but for all of the girls, like me, who will be alone tomorrow night with a bottle of wine. Just remember, your coworker may be getting flowers from her boyfriend, but that does not mean she's happy in life. At least we are single and don't have to set ourselves up for something we know will let us down.  If anything comes out of tomorrow it will be unexpected and exciting.  

I may not break my 5 years of NO flowers streak tomorrow but at least I know what I'm in for.


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