Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Steals & Deals

Finally, I think my outfit for Saturdays 80's bash is complete.  I am going to save the blog for after the party as I think a lot of you are going to pee your pants when you see my shirt {I said this last night and for some reason it seems the most fitting phrase to describe it's awesomeness}.

While out last night finding finishing touches for my outfit I also found this ring.  From Forever 21......

The best part? She was $2.80!!  I couldn't find her online so you will have to venture to a store. I know... it sounds horrible but if you go Tuesday evening it's not that bad.

Here are some others I think I am going to add to my collection of cheap, turn your finger green rings...

The best part is they are all less then $5.... I am going to need a new jewelry box.   I thought I was too old for Forever 21 but I guess I'm not.... oops.


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