Friday, June 22, 2012

Pillow Me Preppy

Anyone who knows me knows I love anything preppy, an anchor, a boat shoe, a crab, a good lighthouse, you get the drift.  When I found these pillows on Kain Kain's Etsy page I did a little gasp.  How horrible!!! There are way to many options... how on earth do you expect me to decide? I don't have enough pillow space in my apartment for these! Could I cover my dining room chairs with them maybe?  {No but I'm serious, would that weird?} Who knows what I will do but she has an amazing array!
Don't worry, if you aren't a self proclaim lover of all things preppy she has more that aren't! They are all around $22, she even has placemats!  I better hurry before Summer's over and it would be weird to have a sailboat pillow on my couch...


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