Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hamster Box Redo :: Painting

I finally did it.  I've been saying for years that I was going to paint a picture to put above my fireplace.  You remember this post, and that sad sad fireplace.  Well, I FINALLY did something about it.  I have to say painting your own picture is extremely rewarding whether it comes out good or not.  As I was going I couldn't help but smile knowing that no matter what, I was hanging something that I did myself.  Here was my inspiration.  No it didn't come out quite like it but I'm still proud of myself.  So Sunday afternoon after my parents waved good-bye and drove back to Wichita I set up shop at my dining room table and 3 1/2 hours later the magic was done!

Oh that's not intimidating at all....

Getting my paints ready...

Here we go! That dark purple heart? That is my least favorite part. Don't worry... it turns into a dinosaur later.

Filling in the spaces.  There's that dinosaur.  Other things people found I sent this to {mostly my family... thanks family} cow utters, a pig back side with a pokey tail, scotty dog, and the most important and reason why I almost just through it away...

Can you see it? 

Turn it on the side.  Did the boobs and pregnant belly disappear?

Is it gone upside down? Well oh well...

Well there it is folks.  My poor fireplace is getting there!  I still think a mantel and some picture collages are in order.  I will ask my land lord if he hates the idea of me doing some physical labor.

Next up I am REALLY going to recover those dining room chairs.  Fabric has been bought so the procrastination can't last that much longer right?


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