Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hamster Box Redo :: Fire Place

Don't get too excited. No I didn't do anything crafty... yet. But I will, I mean eventually. Until then I am going to put together my inspiration for what to do above my fire place.  One issue is there is no mantel, so I literally have to hang something up there. Another is, well just take a look. It's not the easiest of fire places to decorate. You've seen it here, decorated for Christmas but now I am giving you a glimpse into my hamster box. Not just a glimpse, I am letting you see the one part of it I am not proud of at all. So, put that judgement aside. 

It looks so much sadder than it does in my living room when you single it out like that. Sorry fire place. I swear the rest of my apartment is adorable and thoroughly decorated.  Ok I'm done defending myself. 

Here are pictures of my inspiration and what I am going to try to strive for above there.  Don't hold your breath for the craft post. It won't happen until December but that's when I'm shooting for.

All 3 gallery wall pictures can be found here
I love a good gallery wall.  I'd have to scale this down and would probably only be able to do 1 maybe 2  rows but I think it'd probably make my little home a little more sophisticated.  It would go well with the rest of my black and white pictures in my living room and dining room too.  

Something like this over my fire place might be the perfect solution. {as you can see the options have not been narrowed down in any some of manor}.

I was also thinking about getting a canvas and painting something myself.  Then getting a plank of wood and somehow without completely destroying the fire place making my own mantel.  We will see what happens.  I'm also intrigued by these melted crayon paintings...

Directions and picture via this website

We will see what ends up happening, like I said don't hold your breath.  It will be December.


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