Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions :: #2 & #3... Travel & Language

The final hours of 2012 are coming to an end and let me be the first to say I couldn't be happier. I am ready for 2013... it's really going to be my year.

This next resolution actually expands into 2014 but oh well.  I already have a lot of travel plans for 2013... Nashville in February, Denver in June and April, and hopefully another trip to DC sometime before the year is up to see my brother again! {Not to mention New York 5 times, Atlanta 4 times, Las Vegas twice, and New Orleans a few times thrown in for fun.. and work.}

While these are fun and I am extremely excited for them, I have finally decided to start saving for a trip to Paris. I've always wanted to go, even through pictures it's completely magical and breathtaking. So, sometime in 2014 I will be taking a week off and heading to France.  I have decided that whether I go alone or if someone wants to come with me this is happening {any takers?}. 

Besides this trip I also want to make it more of a habit. Once my credit cards and other large bills are paid off I am going to keep a savings account just for traveling {hopefully mostly abroad}. 

This brings me to my next resolution, learn French.  I have talked about this for years now and have had a lot of people tell me that that's a waste of my money and time.  Well, haters be gone, I do not have any interest in learning Spanish {call me naive}, so in 2013 I am going to take a French class and hopefully I will learn enough to get through my week long jaunt.


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