Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Obsessing Over :: Nail Color

Oops... sorry for the uncreativity right now in my posts.  However, I am obsessing {I mean night, day, eating, sleeping} over my nail color.   Usually I don't give nail trends a second thought but for some reason it's consuming my mind.  After a couple failed attempts at the ring finger different color trend I have finally nailed {pun intended} down my favorite combo.  My nails look hideous right now so I will fix and take a picture later but my favorite thus far is a plum purple color with silver, pink, gold glitter on the ring finger.  As you all know my next adventure will be these. However I am also adding the below to my list of must try nail trends for the season... no wonder my nails are hideous! They are screaming for me to lay on some dark red polish and leave them alone again... sorry ladies... not happening til next October so let's get used to it.

I tried this one last week. You have to get the EXACT right pink for this to not look totally ridiculous.  I used a bright pink usually only used on my toes when I'm feeling sassy and on my 5 year old nieces nails when I go over to babysit.  That is not the right kind.  After searching I could not find the origin of this picture or what the color is, if you know please let me know!

I love this coral pink color but I am not a huge fan of matte nail polish.  It makes me feel like I stuck my nails in clay so I would probably just go for it and do a shiny pale coral with the silver stripes... how on earth do you get them that straight?

I may have to splurge for this Deborah Lippmann gold glitter.  I haven't been able to find one so perfectly thin but with big flecks of gold.  This could be used on so many of the current trends it might be worth it.

Let's go back to my inability to have my nails be this crazy... I love this but I would probably just do one MAYBE two of my fingers in this chevron.  Again, I am going to learn to do this on my own.  I will... just wait.

What nail trends are you drooling over right now?



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