Friday, April 13, 2012

Travel :: My Trip in Pictures

Hello lovely people!

I have had a very busy and successful trip to Atlanta so far! {minus way to many escalators... everywhere.  Have I mentioned that's one of my biggest fears?} I have barely ventured outside either {my hotel is connected to AmericasMart where I've been working.}

Sneak peak of one of my favorite Fall dresses.  Don't be surprised if I am way to dressed up but wearing it every day none the less.  I mean, when has being way to dressed up for an occasion ever stopped me before?

Leather, leather, leather.  Love Fall clothes.

Random but AmericasMart random flower arrangements in the hallways make me really happy.  I love a good bouquet of flowers.

My favorite shoes with my favorite print maxi for Fall.

Arm party.  Vanessa Mooney bracelets and ring paired with a Michael Kors watch.  Don't forget the ikat finger party.

As everyone else prepares for Summer, us in the fashion industry are finishing up with Fall and moving on to Holiday.

Happy weekend everyone who gets one!


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