Monday, April 9, 2012

Streets of Sparkle

Last week the adorably funny Jaclyn of Streets of Sparkle forced me to get comfortable in front of the camera after the LAFCO blogger event! I can't believe she caught me in such a slightly comfortable pose... good camera work is what I call that.

See the whole post and what all my outfit pieces are here!

This was slightly out side of my box but getting ready quickly and knowing I needed to be stylish for the LAFCO event in Highland Park Village I stretched myself! {I mean you can't step foot in HPV without wearing something ultra cool... you will feel like a troll immediately!} I always feel instantly stylish in these pants and I think the apricot Line & Dot jacket was the perfect way to Spring it up! 

I am on my way to getting more comfortable in pictures... hopefully the next time I run into Jaclyn I will be broken in! 


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