Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I. Want. This.

So I mentioned in my last post that I have several 'obsessions' on a day to day basis.  Here is one I have been drooling over since I saw it in an issue of Lucky Magazine a couple months ago.

You can get your very own "Gold Coast" Kate Spade bag (although I'd be INCREDIBLY jealous) by clicking here.  Where as before it was a figment of my imagination and I never thought I would own this beautiful bag she is now 50% off at  I went immediately to the Kate Spade store in Northpark when I saw this.  I figured I should know what I'm getting since I still hadn't seen this bag in person yet.  The sales girl told me this was exclusive for online and nordstrom (although I could not find it anywhere here).  They did however have the black version (why on earth would you get black when you can have this gorgeous pink color?!) So alas... I am left drooling and being very tempted to pull the trigger on her. I will keep you posted on whether this happens or not....


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