Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beats to Jam to :: Travel Edition

So, as I mentioned last night I am on the road this week in Louisiana, one of my favorite states for many reasons.  I have an issue though, I lost my iPod somewhere between New York, Vegas, or maybe Atlanta in the last few months? I have no clue where it ran away but I think it may officially be gone... so alas, I am left with the radio and CDs.  I think we all know the last time we bought a CD, just kidding, I have no clue? 

So you can imagine the CD case I still have is full of random college mixes and the radio is full of... well.... the radio. So I may know every Taylor Swift {no... we are never getting back together...}, One Direction {I just really wish you knew you were beautiful...}, and Beiber {wait do I secretly love this song?} and probably many more embarrassing songs by the time I get back to Dallas Thursday night. Anyway, I really wish I had these songs on my iPod for driving through the bayou's and French Quarter.

It's random but all songs I love to blast over my car speakers when I take these beloved trips to Louisiana.  Maybe next time... anyone want to buy me a new iPod?


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