Thursday, November 1, 2012

A.Moet :: Luxe Lounging

I like to imagine when I'm lounging around my apartment I'm wearing the finest silk slip and the prettiest patterned silk robe. You know, drinking water out of a champagne glass, dipping strawberries in chocolate.  The truth? I'm in Target black sweat pants, a Hanes white t-shirt, drinking water out of a Cotton Bowl 2012 plastic cup, and eating a pumpkin muffin while smearing cream cheese frosting on it with a knife, you know so some gets on every bite. Whoops... TMI? Probably.  Wouldn't it be nice though to lounge around and get ready in something silky and beautiful?  That's why I have started my Christmas list.  

The line is called A.Moet and it's inspired by redefining the everyday robe.  They wanted to update it and make it even more beautiful {think smoking jackets} but even more functional.  The purple color which is called Feira is my personal favorite, although I'd take any.  I especially love the pictures on her website.  The women are all doing things we all do everyday {drinking coffee, getting the mail..etc} but they look a million times more glam, and free then I do in my sweats. Not to mention the fact that they have pockets! I mean seriously, put a pocket on something and instantly every female likes it that much more.


Add some bangles and it literally looks like a wrap dress. I would wear this look to brunch any day...

Oh look! They did that too. In their gorg outdoor space with mimosa's of course.

It's the perfect mix between boho, free spirit, hippie but in a completely glam way.  Not to mention how do I get my hair to look like everyone of theirs? Off subject... but "like" them on Facebook, follow them on Pinterest, and keep up with them on Twitter.  I have a feeling this is going to be a line that will grow and evolve into something even more amazing than it already is...


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