Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And so it begins...

Hello blog world!

I have been planning on starting a blog for awhile now and I guess tonight was the night to finally do it!  This is mostly going to be a style/fashion blog, with a few posts about my everyday life depending on whether something interesting enough happens to me (chances = slim to none).  As you can probably tell from the layout I have a more girly vision of style, clothing and home decor.  For the most part I can appreciate other style ideas as well, even if I don't want to follow them myself.

Enough about me... who really cares?  I thought I would start out by sharing some of my favorite looks for Spring 2011.  It's a general "get started" post.

These looks are all from the gorgeous British designers of Marchesa for Spring 2011.  I felt like the first one's should go along with the "theme" of the blog and what better way then 5 AMAZING fantasy dresses?  I had a hard time narrowing down from Marchesa, being one of my absolute favorite designers ever but I love the way Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig always use interesting shapes and fairy tale silhouttes.  I love soft colors for Spring and it seems like it's more acceptable to finally be a GIRL again, which excites me!



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