Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes :: My Favorites

Oh hello friends.  So did you see the Golden Globes on Sunday? I saw the 2nd half of it, which seemed to be enough for me. Good... the silent black and white movie won too many awards, ok I'm intrigued and will watch it some rainy Sunday night on my couch alone. Whatever, I don't watch the Globes to see who wins, I watch it to see who everyone wears.  Oh, and if you didn't see, Sunday night Rue La La replied to one of my tweets!!! Ok, make fun of me, I'm a loser, whatever.... I don't care. {It was about how Jessica Biel's dress gave her a weird saggy 3rd boob... It's always good when you realize you're not the only one who thinks you're a little funny.} Ok so back on track..... here are my favorites from Sunday night....

The ever gorgeous Charlize Theron in Dior. I love that it's elegant but dramatic and who doesn't love pink on the red carpet?  I could of done without the crystal headband.  I think down and wavy would of been more modern.

Heidi Klum in Calvin Klein.  Love the POC {pop of color if you haven't given in to It's a Brad Brad World yet} with the turq.  Also, a reveling back is bringing sexy back... yep... I said it.  I mentioned the word sexy makes me uncomfortable so I have to say it in a dorky, clique way... oops.

The hilarious bombshell Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang. I love this dress! I love the textures at the bottom and it fits her like a glove!! I love how she dresses amazingly for her body without ever looking vulgar. She's a gorgeous, funny, classy lady and she gets the pleasure of working with Eric Stonestreet on a regular basis... love her.

I couldn't find a picture of Reese that did this gown and the way she looked justice. She looked happy and bouncy and vibrant and yes ... that word I get weird about... she looked sexy!! She has more curves than normal and I love that she played it up in this Zac Posen gown.  I also wish my hair looked like that daily. I love this siren choice on her... gorgeous.

This week is Dallas Fashion Week... who's going?


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  1. I agree with all of your pics! Though I did think that Reese could have used a hairbrush -- too beachy for the dress.
    I went to opening night of Dallas Fasion Week and was very disappointed. Did you go?